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hybrid car service

Hybrid Car Service

RM Motors are your local Hybrid car service center based in Batley.

With hybrid vehicles becoming the next step towards a fully electric vehicle, our team of hybrid servicing experts ensure that we are one of the leading garages in Batley. 

Our team is qualified to deal with the high voltage of hybrid and electric vehicles and the use of state of the art equipment, which makes caring for your hybrid car as stress-free as possible. Regular servicing gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is performing at its best – Keeping your hybrid car reliable and efficient.

To book in for your hybrid service, contact RM Motors today on 01924 456 666.

hybrid car servicing

Why choose RM Motors for hybrid vehicle servicing?

RM Motors are a local independent garage in Batley, offering premium hybrid car servicing without the premium price tag.

Our expert technicians are some of the few specialists in the Leeds/Huddersfield/Wakefield area that are fully qualified to work on high voltage vehicles. The training is specific for hybrid and electric vehicles, and with our technician’s expertise and knowledge, we care for your car like it was one of our own.

With RM Motors’ unique approach to servicing and maintenance, your hybrid vehicle could not be in better hands.

hybrid car servicing

Do Hybrid vehicles need servicing?

Hybrid vehicles need to be serviced as much as any conventional engine. The service will include the standard vehicle service checks and servicing the hybrid battery system.

Hybrid vehicles come with a suggested regular servicing schedule which the manufacturers recommend to maintain the integrity and warranties of the car.

hybrid car service

Do I have to take my car to the manufacturer’s service center?

Not at all. For a hybrid car service, look no further than RM Motors.

RM Motors are one of the few garages in Batley qualified to work on electric & hybrid vehicles. With our expertise and the equipment available to care for your car, you do not need to travel to a manufacturer’s service center for your hybrid car servicing and maintenance.

Does my hybrid car require an annual maintenance service?

Whilst some believe that hybrid vehicles require less maintenance than a conventional engine, this isn’t the case. A hybrid vehicle needs all the standard servicing requirements of a traditional car with added checks to the hybrid battery and electrical components. 

The servicing schedule can differ depending on the manufacturer. However, the regular scheduling is usually every year, depending on the vehicle’s annual mileage. This ensures that all the vehicle’s working parts are kept in their best condition.

Your vehicle will be fitted with an in-car indicator that will tell you when your service is due. The indicator will appear on your dashboard and usually notifies you how long you have until your next service.

hybrid car servicing

To book your Hybrid Car Service, contact RM Motors today

We’re your local independent hybrid car servicing center.

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Is my hybrid car service is due?

Your hybrid vehicle will have a servicing schedule based upon mileage and usage of the vehicle. Most manufacturers continue to recommend that hybrid vehicles are serviced annually.

As well as the servicing schedule, your vehicle will be fitted with a service indicator that will let you know on your dashboard when your service is due. If you are unsure when your hybrid car service is expected, contact our team today to help confirm your service schedule.

car service batley

How quickly can you book me in?

RM Motors will always work to make your hybrid service as convenient as possible, accommodating you at a time that works for you.

Please get in touch with us to arrange your car service. Our contact number is 01924 456 666.

Our opening hours are:

Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm


What happens during our specialist hybrid car servicing?


Lights & Visibility: All lights, including the internal lights, are checked for optimal performance or faults. All windows, wipers, and mirrors are inspected for defects and weak points, along with registration plates being checked for damage and clarity.


Vehicle Interior: All internal controls, including horn, hazard lights, air conditioning and seat belts, are checked to ensure they are working as standard. We also check the internal diagnostics, including warning messages from the internal vehicle software.



Steering & Suspension: All joints, gaiters and wheel bearings are inspected and tested for strength and function. Front & rear shock absorbers are checked and tested, alongside wheel alignment analysis.


Braking system: The complete braking system, including discs and pads, and all surrounding mechanisms are checked, measured, and recorded for their service life.


Under the Bonnet: A complete engine inspection ensures all parts are in safe working order, with no faults or leaks present. Air & oil filters, spark plugs and drive belts checked and replaced if required.


Under the Vehicle: The battery and high voltage cables are checked to confirm that the wires have not been damaged, and all connectors are inspected for corrosion. The battery relies on fluid to keep it at a neutral temperature, checking to confirm levels and possible leaks.


Tyres: Tyres, including your spare wheel, are checked for tread and tyre pressures adjusted before being refitted. Inflation kits are also checked where appropriate. Wheels checked for corrosion or weak points.


Final checks: Oil and antifreeze levels re-filled. Brake fluid levels are inspected to ensure client safety before final checks are made, and your service record is updated.

How much does a Hybrid car service cost?

Prices for hybrid vehicle servicing can vary depending on your vehicle and the level of work required.

 Please get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about your hybrid car servicing appointment.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my hybrid car service?

RM Motors provides an honest and transparent approach to servicing and maintaining our client’s vehicles. After completing the initial inspection, we will present our findings and recommendations. It is then up to you as the client to decide what work is completed.

You will never be caught by unexpected costs for work you did not agree to.

RM Motors Batley

Additional benefits on completing your hybrid car service with RM Motors:

Free courtesy car

We offer a range of courtesy cars to make sure we keep our clients on the road whilst we care for their vehicles. Please let our team know when booking your service, and we will do the rest.

rm motors out of hours

Out of hours

We know that sometimes our hours don’t work with your schedule, so we offer an out of hours drop off and collection service so that you don’t have to miss out on your service. Ask our team for more information today.

To book your Hybrid Car Service, contact RM Motors today

We’re your local independent hybrid car servicing center.