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Celtic Tuning

As an official dealer of Celtic Tuning, RM Motors are the garage to go to for all your performance tuning needs.

Celtic Tuning is a leading specialist in the development of engine software to enhance the performance of vehicles, including cars, vans, 4×4’s and even HGVs.

Tuning your vehicle to increase output performance and pulling power is a complex and specialist task. And the expert technicians at RM Motors are fully trained to provide and advise in Celtic Tuning for your vehicle.

celtic tuning

Introduction to TDCI ECU Remap

A TDCi remap using Celtic Tuning can completely transform your diesel engine, changing your complete driving experience. TDCi remap will get the maximum potential from your engine within factory tolerances, so you know you can enjoy the increased performance without causing any damage to the engine components.

A TDCi Remap will not only increase power from your engine it will also improve fuel efficiency. And it can also ensure that you will have no DPF issues with your diesel engine.

Introduction to ECU Remap

An ECU remap is an update to the engine management system, which installs new software to improve the vehicle’s performance. The remap will provide updates to performance factors, including boost pressures, fuel pressure limiters, fuel duration and many more factors. These updates will ensure that the ECU remap gives your engine maximum performance.

Celtic Tuning has been providing remapping updates for over 15 years and is one of the industry leaders when it comes to getting the most out of your vehicle performance. With that expertise, you know you are in safe hands with remapping from Celtic Tuning and RM Motors.

Introduction to Diesel Remap

A Celtic Tuning Diesel remap installs new software into the vehicle to change the operating limits within the engine. The software includes updates to throttle position, boost pressures, torque limiters, and many more elements that improve the diesel engine’s performance.

The remapping will not only provide the driver with an improved drive with sharper throttle responses, but it also gives more power throughout the whole RPM range. All whilst improving fuel economy.

Celtic Tuning near me?

Look no further – RM Motors are your local, official Celtic Tuning dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will the Remap affect the longevity of my engine?

Remapping your engine for enhanced performance will not affect the longevity of your engine. Longevity is based on how the engine is driven and maintained. 


Can the Remap be reversed?

The software enhancement is completely reversible when it comes to the vehicle performance and engine drivability. However, with modern engines becoming more sophisticated, there is the potential for ‘trace markers’ to be left on the Engine Control Unit, which the main dealer/manufacturer may be able to spot.


I have existing modifications; will this affect the Remap?

Competing a standard Remap on a vehicle with existing modifications can prove difficult. But Celtic Tuning writes and develops our software in house, which means we can provide a fully custom remap should your existing modification exceed the tolerances within our standard remaps.


Can my dealer find the Remap?

There is no guarantee that your dealer won’t be able to locate trace markers of the remap. Dealers can use various methods to detect a remap, including checks to fuelling and boost levels compared to factory standard specifications. Whilst not all dealers have access to the diagnostic equipment to detect a remap, there is no way to guarantee that they won’t.


How will the Remap affect my vehicle warranty?

We recommend that all remaps be completed knowing that your dealer warranties may be affected or voided by the enhancement. Whilst dealers may not detect the remap, you should complete any remap at your discretion.


How much will the Remap cost?

Pricing for a vehicle remap can vary for several factors, including the vehicle itself and its current connections/enhancements. A remap is a bespoke service working with your vehicle and its output, so it requires a custom price. So we suggest that you call our team of experts and we can provide a full quotation, and allow you to make an informed decision about the remapping of your vehicle.

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Celtic Tuning near me?

Look no further – RM Motors are your local, official Celtic Tuning dealer.