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car air conditioning leeds

Car Air Conditioning Leeds

Your air conditioning system is there to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. When your air conditioning system is working as it should, you will also notice that your windows will demist in the winter months, ensuring improved visibility and keeping you safe. With a faulty system, you will see that this process takes a lot longer than it should.

So maybe you’ve noticed that demisting your windscreen takes considerably longer? Or perhaps you have even noticed that your air conditioning system is blowing warmer than usual? It could be time for you to take advantage of our specialised car air conditioning Leeds service.

car air conditioning leeds

Why choose RM Motors for Air Conditioning?

We are your leading independent, local garage for air conditioning in and around Leeds.

The expertise of our specialist technicians means that your car is in safe hands. Our team makes sure that they service all aspects of your air conditioning system, ensuring that your car air conditioning service is fuss-free every time. 

With regular servicing, you can be sure you will have an air conditioning system you can rely on.

Why does my aircon blow warm air? Can you fix it?

Your air conditioning system is a complex system that requires all the pieces to work in sync to function at 100%.

If your air con is blowing warm air when it should be blowing cold, it could mean that you have a fault within your air-con system. It could be a simple fix like replacing the refrigerant gas in the system, but there is a chance it could be something more serious. Problems with broken ducts, compressors, or electrical faults can lead to expensive repairs if left unfixed for too long.

So as soon as you notice a change in your air-con, contact RM Motors and book your car air conditioning Leeds service.

car air conditioning leeds
car air conditioning leeds

What is an air con regas?

Your air conditioning system uses a liquid called refrigerant to keep your vehicle cool. As the level of refrigerant drops, this makes your air conditioning noticeably less effective. 

A regular regas is recommended to top up the refrigerant levels, keeping the system working as it should.

car air conditioning leeds

What’s an air con service?

Our car air conditioning Leeds service is a full review of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

We undertake a thorough inspection of the entire system. We check every part to ensure it is fully functioning whilst checking for wear and tear/damage. If our team finds any faults or issues, we can repair these for you – just let us know that you are happy for us to proceed!

How much does a regal/service cost?

Prices vary depending on your air conditioning system. Give us a call, and one of our team will be more than happy to give you a price.

Will you check my air con for free?

We happily offer a free air conditioning efficiency check to ensure your air-con system is running optimally.

If we find an issue or fault during our assessment, we will notify you immediately and then, with your consent, we can service the system and keep your car running at its best.

Contact RM Motors to book your free air-conditioning efficiency check today.