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brake disc skimming

Brake Disc Skimming

Brake Disc Skimming is the process of skimming over the top of the brake discs to restore the disc’s surface. Skimming is the affordable way to restore your existing brake disc to maximise its lifespan before a full brake disc replacement is required.

The benefits include reducing/removing vibration issues within the brakes. It will also remove rust and corrosion from the disc, stopping the brake system from squeaking. 

With the skimming process, the disc is restored to factory specification, bringing the vehicle back to the handling and performance that you have come to expect from your vehicle. Also, skimming saves you money in the short and longer-term.

For brake disc skimming in Batley, call RM Motors today.

brake disc skimming

How does brake disc skimming work?

We are able to undertake brake disc skimming at our garage in Batley.

The process of brake disc skimming works by removing all the wheels and taking measurements to the brake disc and brake hub. This allows the technicians to check for wear and tear and any defects that might be present on the parts. The disc is then resurfaced to remove any inconsistencies and take the disc back to an even surface.

Brake discs can be skimmed more than once within their lifespan. A minimum standard is required for brake discs to be roadworthy and legal. Making skimming an affordable alternative for some clients.

What are the benefits of brake disc skimming?

  1. Delivers improved braking performance – there is no ‘bedding in’ and extends disc and pad life.
  2. Eliminates brake vibration issues (and stops them returning).
  3. Fixes noisy brakes (squeaks and squeals).
  4. Cures brake efficiency imbalance.
  5. Removes rust and corrosion.
  6. Can save having to pay for new brake discs and fitting in the short term.

Brake Disc Skimming near me?

Contact RM Motors Batley today.

Brake Disc Skimming Prices

Disc Size
Plain Disc
Drilled or Grooved
Drilled + Grooved
Up to 290mm
290 - 340mm
340 -400mm

All prices are per disc +vat and all discs are skimmed in pairs.

What if brake disc skimming is not possible?

If Brake Disc Skimming is not an option due to the minimum brake disc requirements, RM Motors will be happy to help with Brake disc replacements.

Check out more information on our Brake service available at our Batley location.

brake disc skimming

Brake Disc Skimming near me?

Contact RM Motors Batley today.