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audi specialist leeds

Audi Specialist Leeds

As the local Audi Specialist Leeds, RM Motors work with our clients to ensure that we have all your Audi needs covered under one roof. Our team of expert technicians specialise in everything Audi, including servicing, repairs and MOTs.

With over 30 years of experience working with Audi vehicles, we have the knowledge to keep your car running in peak condition. Caring for your Audi at the highest standard will ensure that we maintain its performance and longevity. No job is off-limits for our specialist Audi team.

With 5-star client reviews, we are proud of our premium service. We make sure we remain an award-winning garage, offering outstanding service at local garage costs, saving you ££s on service bills compared to the Audi Leeds dealer. 

So by choosing RM Motors as your local Audi Specialist Leeds – you will make sure your Audi is cared for as it deserves.

audi specialist leeds
audi specialist leeds

Audi Service

As the local Audi Specialist Leeds, our team offers expert service for maintaining your Audi. We make sure you get the best from your Audi regarding performance, efficiency, and longevity. Save yourself time and money when you choose RM Motors. call today to book.

audi specialist leeds

Repairs and Maintenance

Our team of specialist technicians offer premium Audi repairs and maintenance. We can offer you peace of mind – we use genuine and high quality Audi parts and our years of experience means you receive a first-time fix, every time. To access this expertise, call us today on 01924 456666.

audi specialist leeds

Audi MOT

Your Audi MOT is the annual health check that keeps you and those around you safe on the road. Testing the vehicle in line with DVSA minimum standards, we work to ensure your Audi is roadworthy. Why not combine your Audi MOT & service today – Call RM Motors for your appointment.

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Common issues with Audi


Door lock issues – This is more common in newer models and is usually due to a software problem. But if you have an older model with door lock issues, it could be a faulty wire. Something that we can investigate for you.


EGR issues; Your Exhaust Gas Recirculation filter could be blamed for reduced performance and increased fuel consumption. Let one of our team have a look at your filters, and we can get your Audi back to performing as it should.


Injector problems: A build-up of carbon in the engine can cause extensive damage to your engine if left unrepaired. And sometimes, it can be as simple as leaking injectors. So if you have noticed a lack of performance in your Audi, book in with us today and let us save you the money and headache of significant repairs


HP pump failure: High-pressure fuel pumps work by injecting fuel into the engine at a high rate. With HP Pump failure, your car will either come to a stop or won’t start at all. If this happens to you, save yourself the headache by contacting our team of experts, and we will get you moving again.


Timing issues: we have noticed that a software problem on several of the newer Audi models, can cause timing issues within the engine. Before the issue can cause more damage, contact our team today if you notice a knocking noise coming from your car or have fuel leaking from your exhaust.


Drivetrain issues: Maybe you have noticed a whining noise coming from your engine? Or your gears slipping? These are common signs that you could have a fault with your Audi drivetrain. This should be investigated as soon as possible, and our expert technicians are here to help.


DPF: A faulty Diesel Particulate Filter could lead to poor performance of your Audi, and even an MOT fail if the vehicle fails to meet emission standards. If you have noticed a thick dark smoke from your exhaust or increased fuel consumption, we recommend that you have your DPF checked ASAP. Call us today to arrange your appointment.

audi specialist leeds

We work hard to make sure every client enjoys their Audi every day, and maintaining their performance is key.

 Please check out our blog to see why our team are the local Audi specialists Leeds.

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How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Audi service?

With our honest, transparent, personalised approach to servicing our client’s vehicles, RM Motors works with you to ensure that you receive the best service for your Audi. We make sure we provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions on the servicing and maintenance of your Audi.

And we promise to keep you informed every step of the way. So you will never have to deal with hidden charges for work you didn’t agree to. After our initial investigation, we will call you with our recommendations, and then you decide.

We are the local, award-winning Audi Specialist Leeds, making sure your Audi receives the care and attention it deserves.

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Additional benefits of choosing RM Motors:

Free Courtesy Car

We want to keep you on the road whilst we look after your Audi, so we offer our clients a free courtesy car service. Please inform our team when booking your appointment to take advantage of the service.

rm motors out of hours

Out of Hours Drop Off and Collection

We take the inconvenience out of servicing your Audi. Simply take advantage of our out of hours drop off and collection service. Please speak to our team for more information.

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Located on Commonside, Hanging Heaton – our conveniently located garage gives you quick access to Audi Specialists without having to drive to the main dealership.

We’re a family-run business caring for your Audi as if it’s our own – Contact RM Motors today on 01924 456 666

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What other brands do you service?

A garage with a passion for precision engineering. We provide a quality service caring for all vehicle brands.

So if you own a Land Rover, Audi, Volkswagen or BMW – we are here to help as your local independent specialist in Wakefield, Leeds and the surrounding areas.

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